09 Oct

On the next page, you will receive a detailed explanation of how to access the apartment.

This is the building of the vacation rental apartment.

Your parking spot is the second one on the left, next to the silver car.
Please be careful not to get too close to the cars, so as not to cause any damage when opening the door.

We're heading to the apartment, which has been eagerly awaiting your arrival. Enjoy your stay!

The apartment is located on the second floor, next to the staircase.

Please open the electrical cabinet. Inside, you will find a box with a combination lock.

Transfer the numbers to 555 and open the lock 

Inside the cash register is a key to the apartment.

Here you are inside the apartment. Welcome!

Some important instructions for good use of the apartment

You have free internet in the apartment

Username: yuda1 or yuda-5gh
Password: 0527139520

The apartment does not have a solar heater, only a boilerNext to the bath the bottom button is a boiler
20 minutes and you have hot water.
A pleasant shower.
You are invited to sit on the balcony and thank God for the wonderful land of Israel that He gave us

Pay attention if you keep kosher properly

.All types of people come to the apartmentAnd we are not responsible for the kosherness of the dishes and the kitchen.Read here how you can use the kitchen for kosher keepers.

Training the hospitality kitchen in half an hour

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