16 Jun

You arrive at Sokolov 30 Kiryat Ata and enter this path. You can park at the end of the path, although if there is free parking on the street, it is better to park on the street, since the path is narrow and a bit difficult to get out.

You walk the path to the end.
If you have a car, you can park it in the parking lot, make sure the black car is in the picture.
Care must be taken to park deep in the parking lot so as not to interfere with the white car leaving in the morning.

You have arrived at the villa on the first floor.
To enter, you have to open the key safe.

When you arrive at the safe, open the black lid - if it is closed

Turn the numbers to code 3030
and open the safe.
Inside it is a multi-bolt key for the door.

The white key belongs to the balcony.
There is Maneul al-Hasurg.

Do you have free internet in the apartment:
name: Hanan
password: 0505901918

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